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Enjoy the foods from Russia, America, seafood and more.

Plenty to eat.

Come enjoy world-class restaurants when you visit St. Paul.

Red Cow

Have some good old fashion corned beef hash, avocado toast, buckwheat pancakes and some of the other great options that the Red Cow has to offer.

Moscow on the Hill

Moscow on the Hill is sucked into a beautiful neighborhood in St. Pual. They offer authentic Russian dining and have both specials and some great classics.

The Gnome Craft Pub

The Happy Gnome has food, some great draft microbrews, as well as patio seating. Enjoy a soft pretzel some soup, or some mussels.

Handsome Hog

The Handsome Hog is a traditional Southern restaurant that focuses in pork based dishes. Along with their trendy atmosphere and mouthwatering food, Handsome Hog also offers an extensive bourbon list.

La Grolla

La Grolla is an Italian restaurant with European decor and beautiful patio seating. Each gourmet dish is approved by Chef Antonio Tettamanzi before hitting the table, ensuring only the best flavors.

W. A. Frost and Company

W. A. Frost is an upscale American restaurant with an extensive wine list and outdoor seating. Historic and unique, W. A. Frost has been a longtime favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.
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